Would you like your business to be promoted to 100,000 InDigitalWorks members for free?

Create and submit a digital product to our PLR catalogue and we’ll make sure every single member knows who you are and where to find your business’s website.

Need more exposure?

We’d like to promote you to our list of 100k members. Here’s how it works:

Submit an original, high quality digital product

It can be ebook, software, plugin, video, set of graphics, articles, tutorials or more

We’ll promote your product and business to our entire membership base

Once your product is accepted we’ll send an email to our 100,000 members announcing the product and linking to your website and mentioning your name or company

You’ll score new customers who are interested in your products or services

If members love the product you submitted they’ll come directly to you to see what else you have to offer

The better your product, the better the traffic

Good quality is good business, both for you and for our members.

Your PLR product isn’t something to skimp on. We want to keep you and our members happy. We know that the better the product you submit, the happier our members will be, and the more likely they’ll be to come directly to you for anything else you offer.

Don’t have a PLR product to submit? Here’s how to make one

Maybe you’re a graphic designer. Or you write incredible articles and blog posts. Or you create websites. Or maybe your skills don’t translate well into digital product form (don’t worry, there’s still something you can do… read on).

Whatever you’re good at, you can create a product out of it. Like a branding graphics package. Or a collection of blog posts about a hot topic. Or a website template.

And if your skills or services can’t be packaged up, you can hire someone to create the digital product you need. Websites like Upwork or Freelancer make it easy to hire freelancers to create one for you. Post a job, interview applicants, and hire the person you’re confident will create a truly amazing product.

We accept all kinds of digital products

Here’s a non-exhaustive list to give you some ideas of which kinds of products we accept:

checkGraphic design (graphics, banners, icons, infographics)

checkWeb design (templates, landing pages, squeeze pages, etc)

checkWriting (articles, reports, ebooks, blog posts)

checkVideo production (video tutorials, ecourses)

checkSoftware development (scripts, WP or Joomla plugins, popup software, etc)

Think you can create a product that stands above the rest? You could qualify for special promotion

We reward product creators that give us their best. So if you create a PLR product that meets our highest quality, writing, and graphic design standards, we’ll go out of our way to make sure our members know don’t miss it.

For 30 days we’ll promote your submitted PLR product on banners across every page on InDigitalWorks and our sister site, So instead of just being mentioned in an email sent to our subscribers, your product and business will be exposed to every visitor to our websites.

Since we refuse to display any paid advertising, this is your exclusive opportunity to be featured on every one of our web pages.

Examples of how your PLR product can help your business

Example 1: The “Straight up” strategy

As a web designer, you submit a package of high quality graphics, banners, and website templates to InDigitalWorks. We send out an email to all members promoting your new design package, available for them to use. Members download your package, and are impressed by your work. So they visit your website from the link we send them to see what else you offer.

Example 2: The “Give them the appetizer and they’ll want the full course meal” strategy

You create an incredibly valuable series of video tutorials on setting up an ecommerce store, and split them into 2 parts. Part 1 covers the “basics” of getting a store up and running, and this is the part you submit to InDigitalWorks. The final video of Part 1 is a quick promotional for Part 2, which goes into depth about optimizing their stores for maximum profit and is available for sale on your website. Members are thrilled with what they learned in Part 1, so they visit your website, interested in purchasing the Part 2 series.

Example 3: The “There’s more where that came from” strategy

You’re a killer graphic designer. And you’ve created a collection of 25 themed graphics assets that a business can use for their branding. You submit a package of 10 of those assets to InDigitalWorks. Members love your designs and visit your website to purchase the remaining 15 for their branding image.

Frequently Asked Questions

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