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Yachting PLR Article Pack

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        • A Holiday on the 7 Seas.doc
        • A Society of Yacht Lovers.doc
        • A Wonderful Greek Yachting Vacation.doc
        • A Yacht Club That is Right for You.doc
        • Chasing the Good Life Instead of Pirates.doc
        • Getting Coverage for Your Floating Home.doc
        • Girls on a Yacht.doc
        • Give Yourself the World for Vacation.doc
        • High Adventure on Your Yacht.doc
        • Landing a Big Deal on a Yacht.doc
        • Laying the Plans for a Yachting Adventure.doc
        • Life at Sea.doc
        • Making the Leap into Yachting.doc
        • Navigating the Marketplace for Yachts.doc
        • Romance on the High Seas.doc
        • Taking a Yacht on the Mediterranean.doc
        • The Definition of a Yacht.doc
        • The Economy of Yachting.doc
        • The Ultimate in Enjoyment.doc
        • The Yacht and the Super Yacht.doc
        • Why Own When You Can Charter a Yacht.doc
        • Why Yachting is Better than Disneyland.doc
        • Yacht for Sale.doc
        • Yachting for Speed.doc
        • Yacht the Noun and the Verb.doc
      • YachtingArticles
        • A-Holiday-on-the-7-Seas.txt
        • A-Society-of-Yacht-Lovers.txt
        • A-Wonderful-Greek-Yachting-Vacation.txt
        • A-Yacht-Club-That-is-Right-for-You.txt
        • Chasing-the-Good-Life-Instead-of-Pirates.txt
        • Getting-Coverage-for-Your-Floating-Home.txt
        • Girls-on-a-Yacht.txt
        • Give-Yourself-the-World-for-Vacation.txt
        • High-Adventure-on-Your-Yacht.txt
        • Landing-a-Big-Deal-on-a-Yacht.txt
        • Laying-the-Plans-for-a-Yachting-Adventure.txt
        • Life-at-Sea.txt
        • Making-the-Leap-into-Yachting.txt
        • Navigating-the-Marketplace-for-Yachts.txt
        • Romance-on-the-High-Seas.txt
        • Taking-a-Yacht-on-the-Mediterranean.txt
        • The-Definition-of-a-Yacht.txt
        • The-Economy-of-Yachting.txt
        • The-Ultimate-in-Enjoyment.txt
        • The-Yacht-and-the-Super-Yacht.txt
        • Why-Own-When-You-Can-Charter-a-Yacht.txt
        • Why-Yachting-is-Better-than-Disneyland.txt
        • Yacht-for-Sale.txt
        • Yacht-the-Noun-and-the-Verb.txt
        • Yachting-for-Speed.txt
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      • Yachting.docx

Focus On Yachting PLR Article Pack

Owning a yacht is by no means a small financial venture. Yachts can range in price from a few thousand dollars to basically unlimited. It’s not rare to see them auctioning for more than a few million dollars. Even if you opt for a less expensive yacht you have to consider maintenance.           Every year you can expect to spend about 10% of the total price of your yacht in maintenance. A Yacht is a type of boat; as such it will be in the water for most of its life. Constant contact with the elements and with water takes its toll. This is amplified ten-fold if you have your yacht on sea water. Salt and other minerals wreak absolute havoc on the exterior of the yacht as well as the mechanical components inside. 

Aside from initial cost and maintenance, you get to worry about licenses and permits to use your yacht depending on where you live. If you’re yacht is bound for sea, you’ll probably want to have a port to keep it at. Most of these places will have a monthly rate of around $15/ft. and usually have a minimum (such as 30 ft. minimum). For an average-sized yacht of 45ft you’re looking at $675 a month, just for your yacht to have a place to stay!

Below are more article titles that you are about to get inside:

  • A Holiday on the 7 Seas
  • A Society of Yacht Lovers
  • A Wonderful Greek Yachting Vacation
  • A Yacht Club That is Right for You
  • Chasing the Good Life Instead of Pirates
  • Getting Coverage for Your Floating Home
  • Girls on a Yacht
  • Give Yourself the World for Vacation
  • High Adventure on Your Yacht
  • Landing a Big Deal on a Yacht
  • And so much more...

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