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Boost your website or business by leveraging Facebook's vast potential. Learn to set up effective fan pages, attract engaged customers, and convert traffic into sales.

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    • Facebook

    Leverage the immense traffic generated by Facebook to promote your website or business.

    Facebook fan pages can serve as significant traffic generators and profit centers for your business. Discover how to properly set up your Facebook fan page to maximize your profit potential.

    Attracting customers who are genuinely interested in your product or service is crucial for making sales. Let's face it—no customers mean no sales.

    Regardless of whether your business sells lingerie, bubble gum, or ebooks, attracting the right customers is essential. One of the newer strategies, which is not widely known, involves harnessing Facebook's incredible potential. Facebook attracts a vast amount of traffic from around the globe, encompassing a diverse range of interests. Your task is to capture the attention of individuals who are interested in your product.

    The great news is that Facebook has developed a system that simplifies this process for you once you understand how to leverage it.


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      • FacebookFanPagesWithIframes
        • Facebook Fan Pages With Iframes
          • PSD
            • background.psd
            • cover.psd
            • cover3d.psd
            • footer.psd
            • header.psd
            • icon.psd
            • order.psd
          • Videos
            • 1-basic-setup
              • 1-basic-setup.flv
              • 1-basic-setup.js
              • 1-basic-setup_config.xml
              • 1-basic-setup_controller.swf
              • 1-basic-setup_nofp_bg.gif
              • 1-basic-setup_preload.swf
              • FlashTemplate.css
              • ProductionInfo.xml
              • _clickhere.html
              • swfobject.js
            • 2-edit-the-page
              • 2-edit-the-page.flv
              • 2-edit-the-page.js
              • 2-edit-the-page_config.xml
              • 2-edit-the-page_controller.swf
              • 2-edit-the-page_nofp_bg.gif
              • 2-edit-the-page_preload.swf
              • FlashTemplate.css
              • ProductionInfo.xml
              • _clickhere.html
              • swfobject.js
            • 3-create-a-pagepto-iframe
              • 3-create-a-pagepto-iframe.flv
              • 3-create-a-pagepto-iframe.js
              • 3-create-a-pagepto-iframe_config.xml
              • 3-create-a-pagepto-iframe_controller.swf
              • 3-create-a-pagepto-iframe_nofp_bg.gif
              • 3-create-a-pagepto-iframe_preload.swf
              • FlashTemplate.css
              • ProductionInfo.xml
              • _clickhere.html
              • swfobject.js
            • 4-create-an-app-and-add-page
              • 4-create-an-app-and-add-page.flv
              • 4-create-an-app-and-add-page.js
              • 4-create-an-app-and-add-page_config.xml
              • 4-create-an-app-and-add-page_controller.swf
              • 4-create-an-app-and-add-page_nofp_bg.gif
              • 4-create-an-app-and-add-page_preload.swf
              • FlashTemplate.css
              • ProductionInfo.xml
              • _clickhere.html
              • swfobject.js
          • Website
            • images
              • jpeg
                • background.jpg
                • cover-250.jpg
                • cover-300.jpg
                • cover-350.jpg
                • cover-400.jpg
                • footer.jpg
                • header.jpg
                • order.jpg
            • download-page-rename-me.html
            • index.html
          • Read me.pdf
          • Resell Rights License.pdf
          • resources.pdf
        • Read me.pdf

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