Viral Marketing Tips and Success Strategies in 2016 and Beyond

Learn how to transform your business into a viral sensation. Discover the secrets of buzz marketing, spreading your message swiftly and cost-effectively through whispers, rumors, and online chatter.

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    Turn your business into an overnight success story by learning how to go viral!

    Harnessing the power of viral marketing, where everyone suddenly talks about your company, product, or service, is an effective means to become a rapid success in a short period of time!

    Viral marketing buzz occurs daily, in normal, unspectacular circumstances, and often when you least anticipate it.

    Grapevine, rumors, the whispers in your ear – that's what buzz is all about. Those little pieces of information that people share over a cup of coffee, the outrageous event someone just witnessed and can't wait to describe, or the unbelievably cool product a friend of a friend just purchased are the essence of buzz. Buzz marketing or viral marketing, depending on what you choose to call it, thrives on these interactions.

    We all know what a computer virus is – it spreads from one device to another in the blink of an eye. In marketing terms, "Buzz" is the virus – it spreads to other consumers and can lead to an epidemic of sales for your product or service.

    Whether it's the "email this to a friend" button that's just begging to be clicked, or a pair of real, satisfied lips whispering persuasive endorsements into receptive ears, buzz marketing can spread your business message at warp speed and often at no cost to you!

    Discussion boards, blogs, email lists, and product review websites are the conversations that consumers have with each other. They represent the largest collection of word-of-mouth or buzz advertising that has ever existed.


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