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    • Golf

    Beginner's Guide To Playing Golf

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      • BeginnersGuideToPlayingGolf
        • BeginnerÆs Guide To Playing Golf
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              • golf_dontletfrustration.mp3
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            • Golf-Seperate-Docs
              • Choosing the Proper Golf Club.doc
              • Correcting Common Swing Mistakes.doc
              • Frustration.doc
              • Handling the Rough.doc
              • How To Achieve the Perfect Grip.doc
              • How To Get Out of the Bunker.doc
              • How To Improve Your Contact.doc
              • How To Keep Score in a Golf Game.doc
              • How To Play a Match Game.doc
              • How and When to Use a Wood.doc
              • Learning About Your Golf Clubs.doc
              • Overcoming Your Fears.doc
              • Proper Stance and Posture for Golfers.doc
              • Proper Stance for Perfect Putts.doc
              • Reading the Green.doc
              • The History of Golf.doc
              • The Importance of Backstroke.doc
              • The Secret to the Perfect Swing.doc
              • Tips for Golfing on a Windy Day.doc
              • Tips for Playing Golf in the Rain.doc
              • Tips for Putting.doc
              • Tips for Uphill and Downhill Swings.doc
              • Using the Driving Range for Swing Practice.doc
              • What is a Handicap and How does it Affect Your Game.doc
              • When and How to Use an Iron.doc
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    Get On The Course And Give It A Swing!

    Afraid you'll look foolish on the golf course? Unsure about the difference between a wood and an iron? Want to join one of the fastest-growing sports around? Learn how to golf and impress your friends with the Beginner’s Guide to Playing Golf!

    You don’t need to sit on the sidelines or make excuses to avoid a golf invitation. While practice is beneficial before making your debut, you'll see much faster progress by following the advice and suggestions in the Beginner’s Guide to Playing Golf.

    Here’s a brief list of some of the ‘golden nuggets’ of knowledge you’ll find:

    • The secrets to playing golf and questions you were afraid to ask your friends
    • Choosing the proper golf club: From the first swing to the last, the right club will greatly improve your game
    • How to achieve the perfect grip: Learn the right way to hold your club
    • Proper stance and posture for golfers: A proper swing requires a proper stance
    • Proper stance for perfect putts: Putting demands a different technique for success
    • Correcting common swing mistakes: Learn tips to avoid frustrating shots
    • How and when to use a wood: Make great shots with a challenging club
    • When and how to use an iron: Understand when to use each type of iron
    • How to improve your contact: Avoid embarrassing mis-hits and improve your accuracy
    • Overcoming your fears - the mental game of golf: Master the mindset needed for success
    • How to keep score in a golf game: Score accurately whether playing alone or in a group
    • Tips for uphill and downhill swings: Special instructions for various terrains
    • How to get out of the bunker: Practical tips to escape troublesome situations
    • Handling the rough: Learn techniques to navigate challenging areas

    A little practice combined with a little knowledge is a powerful combination. Are you ready to get tongues wagging about your impressive game?


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