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    Surviving An Urban Disaster

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    Discover How To Survive An Urban Disaster When The Crap Hits The Fan In The City! It's Not A Matter Of If ... It's A Matter Of When!

    In an ideal world, you would be able to choose or at least know the exact scenario in which a disaster or emergency will affect you. You would know when, how, and where, and you would know exactly what to do.

    You and your family could be thrown into an emergency or survival situation for a number of reasons, without warning and in an instant. Natural disasters, terrorist attacks, social unrest, and road emergencies are just a few scenarios where your safety and even your survival could be threatened. The key is realizing there’s no way to know how an emergency will unfold. Being ready at all times and taking your preparedness plan with you is the most effective way to maximize your odds of surviving a disaster or emergency.

    Most publications and training assume that you are bugging out of your home. They fail to consider that in the real world, you don’t get to choose when, how, where, or why you’ll face an emergency situation. So, what good will a bug-out bag do if it's at home and you’re stuck on the highway, in a public place, or at work when an emergency strikes? This book covers, step by step, how to put together a 'get home bag'.

    Below is some of the information you're about to learn:

    • Psychology of Surviving an Emergency
    • What is Bugging Out?
    • Bugging In vs. Bugging Out
    • Bug Out Plan Basics
    • Timing Your Bug Out: 3 Stages of an Evacuation
    • Build Your Bug Out Bag
    • Bugging Out with Pets
    • Your “Get Home Plan”
    • Navigating in an Urban Disaster
    • Taking Your Preparedness with You When You Travel
    • Getting Back Home if You Are Out of Town When Disaster Strikes
    • Creating and Hiding a Cache
    • Planning Your Escape from the City
    • Preparing for an Emergency on the Road


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