Sexy Sixties PLR Article Bundle

Discover the secrets to enjoying a fulfilling sex life well into your sixties. This PLR article bundle covers medical and social aspects, with insightful tips and more.

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SEXY SIXTIES: Enjoying Sex into Old Age PLR Article Bundle

The secret is out. According to a recent report published in The New England Journal of Medicine, a healthy sex life is not only possible but quite common well into the golden years. Retiring from your job does not mean retiring from an active love life. A 2007 survey revealed that of those aged fifty-seven to seventy-five, well over half had sex at least once in the previous year. Older people tend to enjoy and desire sex just as much as younger people, debunking old preconceptions otherwise.

The hindrances to maintaining a rewarding sex life past a certain age are generally social and medical. However, these statistics challenge the age-old myths about impotence and dysfunction in the elderly. The New England Journal of Medicine's report showed that only one in two people over fifty-seven admitted to suffering from a sex-related health problem. The most common issues are erectile dysfunction, dryness, and an inability to achieve an orgasm. Recent developments in medicine and therapy have largely addressed these problems, so they should not be stumbling blocks.

Social setbacks for people over sixty generally come, regrettably, from trusted sources such as family, doctors, and caretakers. These individuals can often buy into the myth of the asexual old person and be unsupportive of the social and personal needs of older adults who have become dependent on those around them. Many doctors tend to assume that their older patients are electively sexually inactive.

More information included in the bundle:

  • Are Prescription Medications a Good Option for Enjoying Sex in Your 60s?
  • Common Causes of Erectile Dysfunction in Males Over 60
  • Key Issues to Consider for a Great Sex Life Post-60
  • Dealing with Changes in Your Sexual Relationship After 60
  • Feel Free to Experiment with Sex After 60
  • Maintaining an Active Sex Life into Your 60s
  • Health Issues for Men That Can Make Sex Over 60 Difficult
  • How Menopause Can Decrease Sexual Desire for Women Over 60
  • How Happy Are People in Their 60s with Their Sex Life?
  • And much more...


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        • Are-Prescription-Medications-a-good-Option-For-Enjoying-Sex-when-you-are-in-your-60.txt
        • Are Prescription Medications a good Option For Enjoying Sex when you are in your 60.doc
        • Common-Causes-of-Erectile-Dysfunction-for-Males-Older-than-60.txt
        • Common-Issues-to-Consider-if-you-want-to-have-a-Great-Sex-Life-after-60.txt
        • Common Causes of Erectile Dysfunction for Males Older than 60.doc
        • Common Issues to Consider if you want to have a Great Sex Life after 60.doc
        • Dealing-with-Changes-in-your-Sexual-Relationship-when-you-are-60-or-Older.txt
        • Dealing with Changes in your Sexual Relationship when you are 60 or Older.doc
        • Feel-Free-to-Experiment-with-Sex-even-if-you-are-More-than-60-Years-of-Age.txt
        • Feel Free to Experiment with Sex even if you are More than 60 Years of Age.doc
        • Having-Sex-into-your-60.txt
        • Having-an-Active-Sex-Life-into-your-60.txt
        • Having Sex into your 60.doc
        • Having an Active Sex Life into your 60.doc
        • Health-Issues-for-Men-that-can-Make-Sex-over-60-Difficult.txt
        • Health Issues for Men that can Make Sex over 60 Difficult.doc
        • How-Happy-are-those-in-their-60's-with-their-Sex-Life.txt
        • How Happy are those in their 60's with their Sex Life.doc
        • How Menopause-can-Decrease-Sexual-Desire-fo- Women-over- 60.txt
        • How Menopause can Decrease Sexual Desire for Women over 60.doc
        • Individuals-60-and-Older-are-Very-Happy-with-their-Sex-Lives.txt
        • Individuals 60 and Older are Very Happy with their Sex Lives.doc
        • Maintaining-your-Sex-Drive-as-you-get-Older.txt
        • Maintaining your Sex Drive as you get Older.doc
        • Natural-Ways-to-Rejuvenate-your-Sex-Life-for-those-Older-than-60.txt
        • Natural Ways to Rejuvenate your Sex Life for those Older than 60.doc
        • Safe-Sex-is-Still- a-Concern-for-those-Over-60-Years-of-Age.txt
        • Safe Sex is Still a Concern for those Over 60 Years of Age.doc
        • Some Common Problems for Women-Older-than-60-that-can-Make-Sex-Uncomfortable.txt
        • Some Common Problems for Women Older than 60 that can Make Sex Uncomfortable.doc
        • Statistics-Regarding-Sexual-Activity-for-those-Over-60.txt
        • Statistics Regarding Sexual Activity for those Over 60.doc
        • The-Internet-is-the-Perfect-Place-for-those-over-60-to-Freely-Discuss-Sex.txt
        • The Internet is the Perfect Place for those over 60 to Freely Discuss Sex.doc
        • Tips-for-Adults-over-60-with-Hear- Disease-to-still-Enjoy Sex.txt
        • Tips-for-Enjoying-a-Healthy-and-Happy-Sex-Life-into-your-60.txt
        • Tips for Adults over 60 with Heart Disease to still Enjoy Sex.doc
        • Tips for Enjoying a Healthy and Happy Sex Life into your 60.doc
        • Vascular-Disease-can-Create-Complications-for-Men-over-60-wishing-to-have-Sex.txt
        • Vascular Disease can Create Complications for Men over 60 wishing to have Sex.doc
        • Ways-for-Men-over-60-to-Deal-with-Erectile-Dysfunction.txt
        • Ways for Men over 60 to Deal with Erectile Dysfunction.doc
        • When-you-are-Older-than-60-and-Sex-is-no-Longer-an-Interest to you.txt
        • When you are Older than 60 and Sex is no Longer an Interest to you.doc
        • Why-Sex-is-Different-for-those-over-60.txt
        • Why Sex is Different for those over 60.doc
        • Why do So-Many-Women-Enjoy-Sex-more-when-they-are-over-60.txt
        • Why do So Many Women Enjoy Sex more when they are over 60.doc
        • Will-you-Still-have-an-Active-Sex-Life-in-your-60.txt
        • Will you Still have an Active Sex Life in your 60.doc
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