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High Quality PLR Article 2016: Keep Things in the Bedroom Exciting

It is easy to fall into a sexual rut. In the early phase of a relationship, sex is passionate. As you settle into the relationship, it may become routine. However, it’s not difficult to revive your sex life – and it’s a lot of fun!

One common complaint is always using the same positions. Get out the Kama Sutra (or just the Joy of Sex) and see if some acrobatics don't get the blood flowing again.

If you have a routine where you always have sex at the same time (wash your face, brush your teeth, have sex…), try mixing up the time a little. Have sex in the morning. Meet for a quickie at lunchtime. The memories of these unusual timings will make the standard times even more exciting.

Similarly, if you have an erotic desire at an “inconvenient time,” fulfill it. Drag your partner to bed when they are in the middle of doing dishes. If they get some food on their face, lick it off. See where it leads.


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