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      • 1 - Outline Your Products
        • 10x10Matrix.pdf
      • 2 - Write Your Ebook
        • IntroductionEndtoEndApril08.mp3
        • WriteYourEbookFrom10x10Matrix.pdf
      • 3 - Create a CD or MP3 Series
        • 3ProductOutlineEndtoEndApril08.mp3
        • 4SalesLetterEndtoEndApril08.mp3
        • 5emailrelationship-interviewEndtoEndApril08.mp3
        • 6-ArticleMarketQAbigticketsalesoverviewE2EApril08.mp3
        • 7HowtoSetUpandDelTelecallE2EApril08.mp3
        • 9ProductDeliveryAweberPaypalDownloadEndtoEndApril08.mp3
        • BeginCreatingTeleclass-SalesLetter.pdf
        • DeliverTelecallClass.pdf
        • MoreonCDCreation.pdf
        • OutliningandIntro-CDProduct.pdf
        • ProductDelivery-Paypal-Aweber.pdf
        • RelationshipwithSubscribers-Interview.pdf
      • 4 - How to Create a Coaching Program
        • 10conclusioncoachingprogramEndtoEndApril08.mp3
        • Example - Delivery of your Coaching Program.mp3
        • Example -Design and Create Coaching Program.mp3
      • 5 - Supplemental Material
        • 1ArticleMarketingEndtoEndStrategyApril08.mp3
        • 2ListBuildingEndtoEndStrategyApril08.mp3
        • HowtoProfitFromInformationMarketingparta.mp3
        • HowtoProfitFromInformationMarketingpartb.mp3
      • eCovers
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This program is designed to train you how to create your products fast and easy! 

What if you discovered that there is a very easy method - a very specific order of creating new products in a sequence that literally forces yourself to create one new product each month, quickly and easily?

What if you could literally create a brand new product each and every month and launch it to your list?

How would your life and business change if in 12 months you had 12 products in your arsenal, 12 products you could expose each new person who comes into your list?

You see, no matter how many subscribers you have, no matter how much traffic you have, no matter how cool your products or sales pages are....you are only as big as your product line.

Are you ready to start creating your product line?

In addition to my step by step system for creating products that sell- and the exact system for creating an entire product funnel, you are also going to learn:

  • How to easily create articles from each of your products...after you create them...to use to drive targeted traffic to your site to buy your products.
  • How to use your articles to build a list of prospects to sell your products to.
  • How to write an ebook in less than one week
  • How to correctly create a 10 - CD or 10 MP3 series in less than one week
  • How to create a coaching program in just one week...and begin enrolling clients the very next week!
  • Learn the BEST way to build relationships with your subscribers and buyers fast so they will not just buy one product from you, but they will buy your entire product funnel of products.

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