Instantly Save Tens of Thousands of Dollars and Countless of Working Hours When We Give You Full Private Label Rights To Use Our Content and Software As Your Own!


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If you would study the successful entrepreneurs and Internet marketers of today, you would discover that they all have in common one thing…

They Create Their Own Products.


From books to software programs, from Anthony Robbins to Bill Gates, most of the big names in the business world make their cash by creating and promoting their own products.

The main reason they create their own products is so that they’ll keep 100% of the profits. And if you are serious about joining these successful people, you have to develop your own products as well.

Unfortunately, product development is a very complex and high risk venture. How do you know your idea is worth pursuing? How do you go about developing successful products? How do you know you will get your investment back?


The Problems

Product development is a highly-challenging and time-consuming process that many people STRESS about!

Why? Because…

  • You need to have a talent or certain skills to begin with.
  • You need to be a professional and expert in your niche.
  • You need to do market research that could take weeks or even months to complete.
  • You need to create the product on your own — write a book or software program.
  • You need to build a professional-looking website to promote your product— an amateurish website will kill your business even before you start it.
  • You need to design all the fancy graphics to entice people to see— like it or not, most people do judge a book by its cover.
  • You need to write the sales copy, which is probably the most important part in order to sell your product.

All these are very time consuming and may need months or even YEARS of your time!


The Solution

The solution is simple. Don’t do it all by yourself. Every entrepreneur needs help to create their product. Now, there are two options to make your life easier…

Option #1…

You can hire other people — freelance workers, ghostwriters, copywriters, software programmers, website and graphic designers— to work and complete your product. The downside to this, obviously, is that you need to spend thousands of dollars UPFRONT to hire them!

We all know that money is very hard to come by these days and the economy is not in its best form, which is why you want to start your own business in the first place, right? So RISKING thousands of dollars upfront is probably not a good idea.

OR — you can take option #2…

You can join InDigitalWorks right now.


What is "InDigitalWorks"?

InDigitalWorks is a membership website offering you PLR and Resale Rights products.

What is PLR? PLR stands for Private Label Rights, a special license where the author or product creator sells most or all of the intellectual property rights to their work. So, if you buy a product with PLR license, you can be considered as the creator of that product!

That means you can change the product, the name, the content, and basically use it however you want to. PLR license completely eliminates the stress of having to continuously come up with new content and products.

This way you can build new TRAFFIC and INCOMESTREAMS for your online businesseffortlessly!


How To Benefit From PLR Products?

There are thousands of ways to benefit from PLR products! For example…

    You can sell PLR products as is and keep 100% of the profit to yourself

    You can create a new ebook using multiple PLR products

    You can use PLR content as a free gift to build your email list

    You can use PLR content to create autoresponder messages or newsletter

    You can use PLR content to create articles for your website

    You can use PLR software to generate high quality traffic

    You can convert PLR ebooks into viral products

    You can use PLR content in social media

    You can use PLR content to create podcasts

    You can use PLR content for coaching calls or webinars

    You can use PLR content to create AdSense sites

    You can sell websites with PLR content to other entrepreneurs

    You can rewrite PLR articles and submit it to article directories

    You can rewrite PLR articles and submit it to other blogs as a guest post

    You can package the PLR content as a complete home study course

    You can publish the PLR content in another language(s)

    You can convert your digital content into physical products to sell

    You can use PLR content to formpartnerships with other Internet marketers

    You can use PLR content as a promotional tool for your affiliates

    You can add affiliate links to your PLR ebooks and software to earn affiliate commissions

And many, many more!


But Why Join InDigitalWorks?

This is a membership site where you could get EVERYTHING you need under one roof.

We have been helping tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and Internet marketers start and grow their businesses since 2008. Right now, it’s your turn.

With 55.000 (and growing) active members, 4,576 ebooks, 864 video training courses, 766 software programs, 655 templates and thousands of graphics, articles and tutorials, InDigitalWorks is currently the LARGEST PLR membership in the world.


You will get unlimited access to…


1 Your Own eBook & Article Library
(Value: $15,124+)

These are thousands of PLR articles and 4,576+ pre-made professional ebooks for you to sell. These are high quality products valued at $27 to $97 each that you now own the rights to. Just add your name and you’re an instant author. You get the products, the PDF and editable documents, the pre-built sales website, the custom graphics and editable image files.

You can modify these as you please. You can even print these ebooks out and create your own PHYSICAL information product that you can sell as a ONE TIME OFFER of your own to your customers.  We supply all the tools to make that possible for you.

2 Your Own Software Library
(Value: $11,450+)

What if we could offer you a product that will allow you to create your own high quality software? The kind of software that will actually SELL?

We have 766+ software programs that you can add your name, company name, website links, and even edit the software's source code to make it function the way you want it to. Now you can sell powerful, in-demand software programs without writing a single line of code.

3 Your Own Website Template & Graphic Library
(Value: $5,947)

We have 655+ professionally designed website templates and images for you to use. These are the same exact templates and images that we use on our sites. We are letting you tap into our own private stock. You can now build a new website in just a few clicks.

4 Are You A Beginner?
(Value: $347)

We have the most robust, step-by-step and easy-to-follow beginners section we’ve ever seen in any Internet Marketing membership. You’ll be taken by the hand and guided in a brand new, never-before-seen, Internet Selling For Newbies training.

5 864+ Step-by-Step Training & Tutorial Videos
(Value: Priceless)

There are 864+ videos at your fingertips in the members area, available for you to learn anything you want to know about making money on the Internet through videos.



The Following "Must Have"
Bonuses Are Yours!

By joining IndigitalWorks today, not only will you have at your disposal all the products you could ever need, but we are taking it one step further by providing you the following BONUSES that separates us worlds apart from other membership sites out there and makes this package truly complete...

6 Bonus #1: eCover Creator Software
(Value: $27/month)

Our exclusive eCover Creator Software is an excellent tool you can use to quickly redesign the current product covers to create your own unique product. This software is easy to use and is a must have for anyone serious about selling products on the Internet.

Click Here To Check The Live Demo

By creating your own unique covers, you'll separate yourself from other marketers who are selling the same products. This one simple change allows you to stand out from the crowd and get premium prices for all your products!

There are several ways you can maximize the value of your resale rights and private label products, and creating your own exclusive ecover is just the beginning.

Another excellent strategy for boosting value is to "bundle" a related group of products together to create your own unique and exclusive package.

The great part about this strategy is the "product creation" is already handled for you, so you don't have to spend all the time and money it would take to create products "from scratch" by simply bundling 4-7 related products together.

Then you can use our eCover Creator Software to easily whip up a unique cover for your package in just a couple of clicks!

You can use this software to create your ecover for a free report you're giving away to build your list, or use it to create ecovers for ANY products you're selling, giving them a professional look with very little effort!

Value: $27 per month — Now yours for free!

7 Bonus #2: Premium Website Hosting
(Value: $20/month)

As an Indigital Works member, you will also receive a 5GB's hosting package on a fast quad core xenon server with 64 GB's of RAM, which is enough space to power an entire EMPIRE of products!

In case you aren't familiar, web hosting is the service that "powers" your websites and products and allows them to show up live on the Internet, so needless to say is essential to your success.

Because creating an online business usually involves having several websites, you are not limited to only one hosting package - you can claim as many hosting packages as you need to ensure you'll always have the necessary space to operate your business effectively.

If you went elsewhere to get just this one service, you would expect to pay around $20 per month for just one hosting account! But as a member we provide your hosting account 100% free.

Value: $20 Per Month Every Month — Now yours for free!

8 Bonus #3: Ultimate WP Sales Letter Plugin
(Value: $47)

WP Sales Copy is a ultimate kick-ass WordPress plugin that gives you the power to quickly generate stunning sales pagessqueeze pages and opt-in landing pages from scratch, all through a point-and-click interface.

Creating fully responsive, mobile-friendly, high-converting sales funnels have never been this easy before—especially when you can get your hands on this powerful plugin! 

No other PLR membership has even come close in terms of QUALITY and QUANTITY to what we provide for our members.

And yes, we update our membership with new products every single day.

Plus, your investment in InDigitalWorks membership is protected with our own…

100% Money Back Guarantee

We are 100% certain that you’re going to love your InDigitalWorks membership, that is why we want you to take it on atest drive for 60 days. Login as often as you like, download all the ebooks, use all the toolsand watch all the videos. Look around and make yourself at home.

If you don’t want to remain a member after 60 days, just let us know and we will INSTANTLY refund your money.  We won’t try to resell you, we won’t make you prove that you tried any of the products.

If you want out, then you can get your money back NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Unlike any other type of business investment out there, with InDigitalWorks membership there is truly NO RISK to you. We know that people can join us just to take all our stuff, use it to make money and then ask for a refund. Well, that’s a risk that we are willing to take because we don’t think you are that kind of person.

We know that you are here because you want to build an honest business.

But you have to make a decision right now.

We hate to rush you, but all our GOLD members have requested us to stop accepting new members because they don’t want more competition. This is why we can’t guarantee how long the membership spots will be available.

So what are you waiting for?

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